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Mobell S37 Xóa FRP / Mobell S37 Tài Khoản Gmail

@ChuyềnMobileGsm-096.959.3456 - wWw.ChuyenMobile.Net
Vol UP Connect Phone
Platform: MOBELL
Selected model: S37
Please, reconnect battery, press and hold "Vol+" or "Vol-" button and connect USB cable.
Searching for a phone. Please wait...
Found phone on COM36
Mobile Status: SPRD3
Sending preloader...
Mobile Status: Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1
Sending mainloader...
Reading info...
Brand: SPRD
Model: mobell S37
Device: sp7731c_1h10_32v4
Platform: sc8830
Android version: 6.0
Display ID: MRA58K release-keys
Searching for signatures...
Resetting FRP lock..
FRP lock is successfully reseted!
Backup saved as SPRD_mobell S37_12-04-2020_10-43-31.dump file
Performed by 1.8.6 Software version.